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Dubai is a vibrant city known for breathtaking tourist attractions, high-end shopping avenues, a splendid nightlife scene, and mesmerizing beaches. There are countless water activities available in Dubai, such as jet-skiing, fly-boarding, paddle-boarding, kayaking, parasailing, and much more. We are here to help you find the best water activities that will, for sure, wake up the thrill-seeker in you!

Get the most out of your Dubai visit!

If you are looking for an exciting water adventure while spending your holidays in Dubai, you should consider going on a thrilling jet ski ride. Experience an adrenaline rush as you cut through the waves of the breathtaking Arabian Sea! Discover nearby areas that are only reachable by the watercraft and gaze upon Dubai’s iconic skyline from a sea perspective. A jet ski ride will definitely add much more excitement to your Dubai visit!

Best Jet Ski Tours in Dubai

If you would like to explore the famous landmarks around Dubai accompanied by a tour guide, going on a jet ski tour is the best option for you!


Many Jet Ski tours and rentals are available in Dubai, and it can be a hard task to find the right one. To help you save your money and make your decision process a little bit easier, we have selected the best JetSki Tours and Rentals in Dubai for you! Book your Jet Ski ride already today and prepare yourself for an exciting adventure! 

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If you would like to discover Dubai’s iconic sites at your own pace, we suggest renting a jet ski!

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By far, the best way to explore Dubai and all of its beauty is by going on one of our selected water sports adventures! While you have the most thrilling experience, you will be able to enjoy the panoramic views of the magnificent Jumeirah Beach Residence and the highest building in the world – Burj Khalifa. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover some hidden areas of Dubai that are only reachable by the sea! 

If you want to try something new and different, going on a Flyboard Session is the best option for you!

If a jet ski ride doesn’t seem thrilling enough, choose the Flyboard adventure! Flyboard is a specially designed platform that will allow you to rise up to 15 feet above the sea surface. It doesn’t take any special knowledge to participate in this water activity, all you need to do is find your balance. Once you do that, you will be ready to learn some cool tricks to impress your friends and enjoy the mesmerizing views of Dubai’s surroundings.


A Must-do Flyboard Adventures!

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Everything you need to know before going on water activities in Dubai!

Book you water activity in advance!

We highly recommend you book your desired water activity in advance to avoid all possible complications. That way, you will secure your spot and have an opportunity to plan the rest of your holiday in Dubai to the fullest!

Excellent instructors are available.

All of the selected water activities include the most qualified instructors in Dubai. You can be assured that experts will accompany you.

Go on a Flyboard adventure!

Don’t miss the opportunity to have the most exciting experience in Dubai! Book your Flyboard adventure and soar above the sea while you enjoy the astonishing view of Dubai’s skyline!

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